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Joint management plan development update

   Monday 7th August, 2017

The Gunaikurnai Traditional Owner Land Management Board (GKTOLMB) has been working closely with GLaWAC and our Victorian Government partners to develop the first Gunaikurnai & Victorian Government Joint Management Plan for about two years now.

During this me, we’ve heard from many Gunaikurnai community members—along with other interested groups and people who use the parks and reserves—about what they would like to see in the plan.

All of this information has been carefully considered and wherever possible included, and we are now close to finalising a draft for approval and release to the community for comment.

The joint management plan will help guide the way the Gunaikurnai people work together with the Victorian Government to achieve agreed joint management goals, over an initial five-year period.

It will be made up of two parts; the first being a strategic plan to describe what we hope to achieve from joint management, the second being a series of individual management plans for each park or reserve.

The final plan is expected to be completed towards the middle of 2018.

We need your help

Over the coming months, our partners at GLaWAC will be involving all Gunaikurnai people to help us on the joint management planning process by asking for your feedback on the draft, to make sure we’re headed down the right track before we ask the broader community for their feedback.

Many of you have previously been consulted regarding this matter through either development of the Whole of Country Plan or other consultation activities arranged by the GKTOLMB over the last three years. We know it is only one step in a longer journey of self-determination for the Gunaikurnai people.

We understand that GLaWAC has been through a challenging me, having heard from its members about what they expect from the organisation in the future, and we are fully supportive of them as they continue to work hard to respect and meet your expectations. We also know that GLaWAC is reaching out to and beyond its membership, to welcome the views and input of all Gunaikurnai people.

Stay tuned for further updates and information about the draft Joint Management Plan during the coming months.

Stay up to date

In the mean me, you can stay up to date with the Joint Management Plan development process in any of the following ways:

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  • Call us on (03) 5150 3573

Grattan Mullett