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Fire workshop reignites the flame for cultural practices

   Thursday 17th August, 2017

The Gunaikurnai TOLMB was pleased to support GLaWAC in sending three Joint Management (JM) Rangers and Natural Resource Management (NRM) team members to Cape York to attend the recent National Indigenous Fire Workshop.

Mick Farnham, Kobi Cook and Dylan Davies-Hood made the trek north last month to learn more about Aboriginal fire management, along with other attendees from around Australia.

GLaWAC NRM team member Mick Farnham said it wasn’t what he was expecting. “The location was very remote and the colours of the landscape are so different from Victoria, there was lots of red dirt. It was great to see how the other Traditional Owner groups do things in their country,” Mick said.

The workshop included sessions on how you will walk with the fire, learning first-hand with Traditional Owners reading country, the animals, the trees, the seasons, and the cultural responsibility of looking after country. There were demonstrations of research, plant and cultural knowledge workshops that all lead to practicing culture by making country healthy through fire.

GLaWAC JM Ranger Dylan Davies-Hood said it was a great experience to learn the different techniques and see the impact that fires have on the landscape first-hand. “For me, it was also about re-connecting to my culture,” Dylan said.

GLaWAC will continue to work with fire and land management agencies in continuing this learning and is proud to support their staff through professional and cultural development opportunities such as this one.