Joint Management


Joint management involves the traditional owners working together in equal partnership with the Victorian government to manage the natural and cultural values of parks and reserves under Aboriginal title.

The main goal of joint management is to further sovereignty, social justice and reconciliation for the Gunaikurnai people.

It aims to brings together the combined skills, expertise and cultural knowledge of the Gunaikurnai people and the Victorian Government for managing the ten Gippsland parks and reserves under Aboriginal title in a way that respects and values the culture and traditions of the traditional owners.

This is expected to lead to: Gunaikurnai people having a real influence on how the land is managed employment creation, education and training opportunities park users and visitors continuing to be able to enjoy both traditional and new activities that connect them with nature and Gunaikurnai culture

Joint management is already happening in some of the 10 Gippsland JM lands with GLaWAC, Parks Victoria and DELWP staff working together.

Gippsland’s jointly management land

Gippsland’s jointly managed land includes the following ten parks and reserves:

  • Buchan Caves Reserve
  • Corringle Foreshore Reserve
  • Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park
  • Gippsland Lakes Reserve at Raymond Island
  • Lake Tyers State Park
  • Lakes National Park
  • Mitchell River National Park
  • New Guinea Cave within the Snowy River National Park
  • Tarra Bulga National Park
  • The Knob Reserve (Stratford)

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