Press Releases

Gunaikurnai people will be receiving an information pack their mail over the next week about joint management of parks and reserves, and coincides with the current round of Gunaikurnai meetings across the region. This is the full media release PDF.

May 2016 Media Release 21st May 2016

Grattan Mullett, chair of the Gunairkurnai TOLMB, was interviewed by Sian Gard on ABC Gippsland’s Mornings program on 19 October 2015. He talked about the progress of work on the Draft Joint Management Plan for the 10 parks and reserves and invites input into the process.

ABC Gippsland interview with Grattan Mullett - Chair of the GKTOLMB 19th Oct 2015

Important changes in the way 10 Gippsland parks and reserves will be managed are currently under discussion across the region. Gunaikurnai community members, along with Parks Victoria, visitors to the parks and other recreational users, are being asked for their input into the Draft Joint Management Plan.

Parks plan being developed 14th Oct 2015

The Gunaikurnai people, together with Native Title Services Victoria (NTSV), welcome today’s Federal Court Consent Determination, which formally recognises the Gunaikurnai people’s native title claim over lands in Gippsland, in Victoria’s southeast… download for more content.

Gunaikurnai people win respect and recognition in Native Title Consent Determination 22nd Oct 2010 Native Title Determination, The Knob Reserve 8th Oct 2010