Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Gunaikurnai people?

The Gunaikurnai are an Indigenous Australian nation of south-east Australia whose territory occupied most of what is now Gippsland, and much of the southern slopes of the Victorian Alps. The Gunaikurai people are made up of five major clans: Brabralung, Brataualung, Brayakaulung, Krauatungalung, Tatungalung. Read more here: Clans

What is the TOLMA?

As part of the Gunaikurnai settlement agreement, the state entered into a Traditional Owner Land Management Agreement (TOLMA) to establish a Gunaikurnai Land Management Board to jointly manage ten national parks and reserves in their agreement area. Read more.

What is the role of the GKTOLMB?

The role of the GKTOLMB is to:

  • set and guide strategic direction for the joint management of the Appointed Land of the GKTOLMB;
  • collaborate with the State and relevant State land managers in the management of the Appointed Land and enable the knowledge and culture of the Gunaikurnai People to be recognised in the management of the Appointed Land; and
  • foster employment and economic development opportunities for Gunaikurnai in relation to management of the Appointed Land.

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