Clans of Gunaikurnai​

Below is the official spelling of the clans endorsed by the Gunaikurnai Elders’ Council, and a brief description of each clan area:


Brabralung people in Central Gippsland. Mitchell, Nicholson, and Tambo rivers; south to about Bairnsdale and Bruthen.


Brataualung people in South Gippsland. From Cape Liptrap and Tarwin Meadows east to the mouth of Merriman Creek; inland to near Mirboo; at Port Albert and Wilsons Promontory.


Brayakaulung people around the current site of Sale. Providence Ponds, Avon and Latrobe rivers; west of Lake Wellington to Mt. Saw Saw and Mt. Howitt


Krauatungalung people near the Snowy River. Cape Everard (Point Hicks) to Lakes Entrance; on Cann, Brodribb, Buchan, and Snowy rivers; inland to about Black Mountain


Tatungalung people near Lakes Entrance on the coast. Along Ninety Mile Beach and about Lakes Victoria and Wellington from Lakes Entrance southwest to mouth of Merriman Creek, also on Raymond Island in Lake King.