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The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Gunaikurnai Traditional Owner Land Management Board (GKTOLMB). The GKTOLMB has responsibility for collaborating with all partners to develop a Joint Management Plan for the 10 parks and reserves in Gippsland transferred to Aboriginal title.

Click here for www.gunaikurnai.org the primary website for the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation, which is the Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for the Gunaikurnai claim area and the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) for Gunaikurnai. The GLaWAC website is the comprehensive resource for information about Gunaikurnai history, clans, goals, partnerships, events, news, work and training opportunities. GLaWAC provides information regarding cultural advice and services, cultural training, cultural site monitoring, natural resource management and the work programs of its On Country crew. GLaWAC represents the Traditional Owners from the Brataualung, Brayakaulung, Brabralung, Krauatungalung and Tatungalung clans, who were recognised in the Native Title Consent Determination.

Latest News

Gunaikurnai meetings in Gippsland May 2016

20 May 2016

Gunaikurnai people will be receiving an information pack in their mail over the next week about joint management of parks and reserves, and it coincides with the current round of Gunaikurnai meetings across the region. The pack incl… Read More

​Parks plan being developed

14 October 2015

Important changes in the way 10 Gippsland parks and reserves will be managed are currently under discussion across the region. Gunaikurnai community members, along with Parks Victoria, visitors to the parks and other recreational users, a… Read More

Gunaikurnai People

Gunaikurnai people are the Traditional Owners of Gippsland. There are approximately 3,000 Gunaikurnai people, and their territory includes the coastal…

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Pelican, Lake King
Photo by David Rayside

Clans of Gunaikurnai

View the official spelling of the clans as endorsed by the Gunaikurnai Elders’ Council, and a brief description of each clan area.

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